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A Christian Seeking Political Asylum

Two Wayland Baptist University students are praying America will save their mother from religious persecution. The family is from the Comoros Islands, a small country located off the southeastern coast of Africa. There, it is apparently forbidden to be a Christian.

And now because of their Christian beliefs, Fedha Mohamad Elyas can not return to her native country of the Comoros Islands in fear she'll be thrown in prison, tortured, and more than likely die.

"She's a diabetic.  That's a problem.  If she goes back there, she has to watch her diet.  If those needs are not met, it is ultimate death for her," said friend Elaine Seagler.  She has made it her mission to help Fedha seek Political Asylum, meaning Fedha could stay in America until things got better in her country.

Fedha, once a Muslim, converted to the Christian faith ten years ago. Since then her mother, three sisters and three brothers have disowned her. All she has left are her three children; Daniel, Maureen and 16-year-old Nicky who is attending a school in France.

Fedha's oldest son, Daniel Coutinho, graduated from Wayland Baptist University in May. She was here for that, but also got a call about the new leadership in her country. The new leader is a radical Muslim and Fedha tells us it's his mission to imprison all Comorian Christians. "Home is home. But the way they are now, I wouldn't want to go back now," said Fedha.

"As Christians, we feel like the Lord sends us to help each other. That is the best testimony we can give," said Elaine. 

Fedha's visiting visa expires September 8.  They are needed help to hire an attorney.  If you would like to help, you can contact Elaine Seagler at (806) 293-8780.

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