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HealthWise at 5 From 8.7

  • Dad Miscarriage

Women may not be the only ones with a biological clock. It appears the risk of miscarriage climbs as men age too. A Columbia university study of nearly 14,000 women who were pregnant in the 1960's and 70's found the risk of miscarriage was 60% greater when the father was over 40, compared to fathers who were in their 20's. The findings were all independent of the mother's age.

  • Obesity Vaccine

Scientists are a step closer to developing an obesity vaccine. Researchers at Scripps Research Institute in California say they've discovered a way to make the immune system produce antibodies that attack a key hormone involved in obesity. The study was done using rats and it turns out animals that had the vaccine had up to 30% weight loss, even though they ate just as much as rats that did not get the vaccine. The study is published in the National Academy of Sciences which adds researchers have a long way to go before they can try "immunizing" people with the obesity vaccine.

  • Garlic Power

We all know garlic is good for flavor power in the kitchen but it turns out it's good for fighting germs too. A new study from New Mexico State University finds garlic has some anti-microbial properties that exist even after cooking. Researchers there boiled garlic for fifteen minutes and tests after that found that garlic somehow inhibited the growth of food borne bacteria, such as E.coli , Salmonella and Listeria. New Mexico microbiologists say now the next phase of their study is to determine if eating garlic, cooked or raw, could also help treat gastrointestinal infections.

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