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Volunteers Repair What Mother Nature Took Away

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Volunteers are repairing what mother nature took away in Spur.  NewsChannel 11 first took you inside the First Assembly of God Church last month when strong storms severely damaged the building.  The congregation has not been able to use it for services since.

We returned to Spur and found not only congregation members inside the church, but plenty of volunteers as well.  "It rained in on the sheet rock. It started falling. It was bad," said Pastor Bob Wright.  A mess of sloppy sheet rock soaking on the church's floor is what storms left behind on July 12th.  Crews spent that day making temporary fixes.  "I didn't know what we were going to do, because I knew at my age I couldn't put up sheet rock," said Wright.

Tuesday, the roof is back on the church, and inside, folks were busy repairing the damage that was left behind.  Volunteers from Spur, Lubbock, even the pastor from Bethel Assembly of God in Dumas were on hand to help hang the new ceiling.  "The spirit of volunteerism is alive and well," said West Texas Men's Ministries Director Mark Stripling. 

A Lubbock business donated new tin for the roof.  Others showed up with their supplies and their time.  "They're tells us how to get it up," said Wright.  Another Lubbock business gave the church a large discount on the sheet rock.  That was paid for, in part, by donations made after the storm.  "I tell you it's God's blessing on us. That's all there is to it," said Wright.  "A lot of credit has to go to the local population here, because the locals really pitched in right after the roof was taken off the church," said Stripling.  "This has been super wonderful. It's amazing how fast it's going up," said Wright. 

Pastor Wright hopes to have all the repairs finished by some time in September.

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The National Weather Service says it wasn't a tornado, but winds up to 70 miles per hour that blew through Spur Tuesday night. NewsChannel 11's Ben Lawson traveled to Spur to survey the damage.

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