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Consider This... Rising Taxes Viewer Feedback

"Last week I expressed my concerns about our City Manager Leann Dumbauld's proposal to raise our taxes for the first time in years. In my opinion city hall should use the new revenue from growth in Lubbock to hold the line on any tax increase. That segment struck a chord with some of you and generated lots of feedback. The overwhelming majority was positive.

I want to share with you some of those comments, both in support and opposition to my opinion.

Viewer comment: "I think you are correct in pointing out the millions worth of increased property tax revenue. That should certainly be enough to handle the services, unless that is; we are in over our heads."

Someone else writes: "Another thing to consider of course is the constant and outrageous increases in property value. Not raising taxes and then driving up property values to account for the failed tax increase attempt still leaves us with a problem. Let's just make sure that the central appraisal district does the right thing."
Another person wrote: "I totally agree. Tax base growth should offset the deficit. Increased taxes would deter growth, so you would have to increase taxes again and again. How much can the people stand? Raising taxes is a cop out. It's the quickfix."

Someone else says: "I have lived in Lubbock since 1993 and this was the first time I have heard anyone talk about accountability at city hall. I run a small business and if we don't have the revenue we have to make cuts. We do not have the ability to add additional taxes to make up for our bad management."

Another writes: "Thank you for hitting the nail on the head. We should now see who runs our city."

Another e-mail states: "When are the people of Lubbock going to figure out that you can't have your cake and eat it too. We want to give our first responders all these raises and I am all for that. But you don't want to pay for it. You bad mouth the appraisal district for doing their job and then you want all the benefits of being a citizen of Lubbock for free. I personally don't mind paying more in taxes for better services."

Someone else: "Raising taxes with record growth and not increasing services dramatically? My math works very different. Keep up the independent thinking Dan!"

Another person wrote: "I totally agree with you 100% and am surprised that the city manager would even propose such a measure, when in the campaigns, the council members and the mayor were all opposed to a tax increase."

Well thank you to all who responded to last weeks commentary, if you wish to send your comments to our city council and city manager prior to their budget meeting on Thursday use the links below.

You can be sure that we'll follow this budget process and hold accountable our elected officials and the city manager."

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