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Working Out With Your Dog

Fitness experts will tell you it's often easier to stick to an exercise plan if you work out with a partner and that partner doesn't have to be a person. In fact, your pet partner may need exercise as much as you do.

"Dogs right now have as many problems with obesity as humans do. And we all could use more exercise and definitely our canine companions need it as well as we do and start slowly just as though you were doing an exercise routine for yourself. Just ease into it, see how comfortable they are with it, how much it affects them after the exercise is over," said Dr. Gary Weitzman, a veterinarian.

Dr. Weitzman says not every dog can or should run. If they're panting a lot or lagging behind it's probably too much for them to keep up with you. He suggests the book "fitness unleashed" saying it's one of many good books out there helping dogs and humans get healthy together.

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