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Cat Bites

We often hear warnings about dog bites but what about cats? As loveable and harmless as they seem, a cat bite can leave serious consequences because of pasteurella, a bacteria in their saliva that can trigger an aggressive infection.

"Just his two fangs but they went all the way into my joints," said Joanne Fantini, a cat bite victim.

"You can actually get septic's. You can get a high fever and your organs could fail. Anything more than a simple scratch, anything that seems like a puncture, they should go to the emergency room and get it irrigated cuz these infections can actually occur as quickly as twelve hours after the bite," said Dr. Steven Larosa an Infectious Diseases expert.

Joanne was lucky. She had a full recovery after being hospitalized for four days on intravenous antibiotics. But the lesson learned here is that since a cat bite is usually deep, soap and water does little to help. Dr. Larosa says consider a cat puncture from a bite or scratch a medical emergency and get to the ER as soon as possible.

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