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Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker: Does It Work?

Have a ball making ice cream!  With the Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker. It costs $40, but Does It Work?

"Who likes ice cream?" asked NewsChannel 11.  "We do!," replied our testers.

The ball comes with a recipe that's simple; just add cream, sugar and vanilla.  Close the chamber and add ice on the other end, plus a little rock salt to help it melt.

Then the fun begins. I got all five kids in a circle and we rolled the ball to each other and made it into a game.   After ten minutes, I added more ice and continued with another game.  This time, toss the ball.

20 minutes went by and the kids were ready for some ice cream.  The ice cream was thick, unlike the homemade ice cream I have ever had.

It was a hit with the kids. This thing works great!!

To find out more about the Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker or to order (click here).

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