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Lubbock Council To Approve Lower Tax Rate, For Now

Now for a story NewsChannel 11 has been following with a series of city budget investigations. Instead of accepting the city manager's proposed three cent tax rate increase, Lubbock City Council voted Thursday to lower the city tax rate which ultimately effects your property taxes. But, the number could increase or even lower over the next four weeks.

If you can picture with me for a moment, a watermelon in one hand that represents the city, services, and inflation and then an orange over in the other hand that represents the city's budget and revenue.  The watermelon simply outweighs the orange. So in order to balance it out, the city is looking to cut the watermelon with out wasting the good stuff.

The council lowered the tax rate Thursday from $.447 cents to $.4452, but it is not permanent. Over the next four weeks, each city department will see where they can make cuts. The council is taking a "conservatively-aggressive" approach to giving the citizens what they want; a quality of life without raising taxes.

Mayor David Miller says that will be hard to do when you don't know what you're playing with.

"When you try to project sales tax revenue and the cotton crops that are currently in the field, or should I say not in the field, Texas Tech's enrollment numbers are leveling out this year as opposed to gaining 1,000 students which would impact sales tax a great deal, we have to be cautious in over-estimating those revenues," said Miller.

The first round of budget work session begins Tuesday afternoon at city hall.  You are welcome to attend, however, you are not allowed to make comments until the August 31st meeting.

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