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Soda Obesity

How many sodas would you have to drink to gain five, ten or fifteen pounds? A new study from Harvard shows it may just take one every day for a year because a top ingredient in a regular soft drink is high fructose corn syrup which is a thick condensed form of sugar equivalent to about ten teaspoons of sugar in one twelve ounce can of regular soda.

"So if you're drinking a soda instead of say water your getting an extra 150, 200 or 300 calories you really don't need," said Dr. Ken Fujioka, of Scripps Clinic.

Another problem today is portion size instead of that twelve ounce can people are pouring big drinks that may be sixteen, twenty, or thirty-two ounces. On the flip side, the American Beverage Association is already fussing about the Harvard report saying it's not fair to blame one factor on weight gain. Many weight loss programs agree that you don't have to cut out sodas entirely, just switch to the sugarless kind.

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