What Sets Grace House/ SouthHaven Apart

Both SouthHaven, Inc. and Grace House of Lubbock Assisted Living facilities are licensed by the State of Texas Department of Aged & Disabled. These facilities are licensed as Class B Small Assisted Living facilities. Let's take a minute to define just what a Class B small facility is. Licensed Assisted Living facilities can have different types of licenses to provide different types of care to their residents.

When a facility receives a license for a small facility, they may have no more than 16 residents. In all of our buildings we have only 16 residents. We feel that with that few people, we can give more individual care and attention. Our staff notices quickly when there is a change in one of our residents mental or physical conditions. We assess our residents daily on their eating habits, sleeping habits, and many other areas of their well being. If we do notice a significant change, we notify family and/or physician.

In Class B facilities, residents can age in place. If a resident gets to where he or she can not evacuate either physically or mentally without assistance, that resident can still stay at a Class B facility. Another important difference in a Class B facility is that not only must staff be present 24 hours, but they must be awake during all of those hours. Because Class B residents tend to be more frail and require more assistance, they are not required to evacuate the building in a certain amount of time. At SouthHaven, Inc. and Grace House, we work closely with the Fire Marshall and the Fire Stations in our designated areas. The Fire Marshall inspects all of our buildings at least once a year. We have different emergency personnel in and out of our buildings at different times of the year assessing the types of residents living there. We also rely on these personnel for various staff inservices. We strongly believe that the better these agencies know our residents, the more able they will be to provide necessary assistance in the case of an emergency.

Licensed Assisted Living facilities can not provide skilled nursing on a regular basis. If a resident has a temporary ailment requiring assistant from a nurse, the facility may provide care for a short amount of time. If a resident has a longer need of nursing assistance, we lean on home health agencies for that care. Home Health can provide all of their services to any of our residents who qualify. Home Health can assign an RN to qualifying residents. They can also provide physical, occupational and speach therapies to our residents.

Besides utilizing Home Health, families can also call upon a Hospice if needed. Through the care of our facilities and working hand in hand with Home Health and Hospice most of our residents are able to stay at SouthHaven and Grace House throughout their life. They are able to stay in surroundings that are familiar to them and be with caregivers who know and love them. This makes it easier on residents and their families.

Since we are licensed facilities we are inspected by the Texas Department of Aged and Disabled. This agency inspects all of our facilities at least once a year. DADS is also available to our staff for inservices and advice. All employees are required to have a certain amount of inservice training each year. We feel this education keeps our staff abreast of the best ways to provide the care needed to keep our residents as healthy and happy as possible. Our staff is always looking for ways to improve the quality of care that we provide.

Information Provided by South Haven/Gracehouse of Lubbock.