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New Changes for LISD Students

The new school year starts in a matter of hours.  But it's not only going to be a first day of school for the students, but the first time in Lubbock ISD history that 9th graders will head to high school.

For the first time, Lubbock high schools will be packed with freshmen to seniors, and middle schools will start with sixth-to-eighth graders.  LISD made the changes one year ago, and says they have been working hard all summer to make room for the new students.

Leslie Cranford, mother of 2 says, "I'm not happy summer's over."  That's usually the thought running through kids' heads on their last day of summer.  But Cranford, says getting back to school is going to be not only new to her kids, but for parents, and the Lubbock school district.  

"The grade reconfiguration affects both of my kids. I've got a 6th grader going to OL Slaton for the first time, and my son is 14, he'll be in 9th grade here at Lubbock high."

For the first time, LISD is going to four year high schools, and moving sixth graders to junior high. Coronado high Principal, Eric McKnight says, "there will be changes in the schools.  The high school has more students this year at 2200-2300.  We had about 1600 in the past."

With more students, comes more staff and the need for more space, all tasks the school said have been set in place for the first day of school.  "It's a challenge, it's nice to have new teachers with experience.  They can bring fresh ideas."

Some parents were apprehensive about mixing their younger kids with older students, but Leslie says for the most part, her and her kids are excited for the new year.  "This is the first time LISD has done this, sure there will be kinks, but I think we need to be patient and work together."

A cool fact, for the first and last time in LISD history, both 9th and 10th graders will walk down the halls of high school for the first time, together.

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