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Alzheimer's Skin Test

Someday a simple skin test may be able to determine if a patient has early-stage Alzheimer's. Researchers have identified two biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease that are present in skin cells

They took skin samples from patients who had early-stage Alzheimer's Disease and those who had other brain disorders, like Parkinson's. They found when the skin test and clinical evaluation both diagnosed Alzheimer's disease, nineteen out the twenty cases proved later to be accurate.  Experts say this skin test could help patients get an jump start on disease treatment. However, more studies are needed before this could be available for widespread testing.

Previous studies have shown that Alzheimer's Disease can set off a chain of inflammatory reactions in the body. The researchers used these inflammatory reactions to identify biomarkers the skin samples were taken from a bank of patients who had already died. They had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease or other brain disorders.

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