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A Desperate Search for Two Missing Lubbock Women

Just behind a gate on some private property, the family of missing woman Peggy Merimon are searching for clues.  Clues that get them answers to two missing women's whereabouts.  Nearby is the Lubbock State School....the place they were last seen before disappearing during the lunch break.

Gearl Merimon recently celebrated his 20 year anniversary with his wife, Peggy.  She's now missing and he's desperately searching for her. He is taking time off from work to do this.  You also must know he is considered legally blind.  However, Gearl says he can still see objects in the sun scorched field.  "I'm not sure this is where anything is. We're just speculating and hoping we find something," he said.

Gearl has help from other family and friends. For two days, they have searched five to ten miles of land either by foot, by car, or by horseback for anything.  But since Monday morning, they haven't found a thing.

Back home, Peggy's daughter Natosha Davis is missing work so she can stay by the phone. Any day she is due to give birth, but more so hoping that when the phone rings, it is good news on the other end about her mother.   "We're so wore out by the day-to-day things that have been happening, I'm pretty sure when we do get to bed, everyone is getting a few hours sleep," said Natosha.  

The family told me they spent the weekend searching abandoned farm houses around a 20 miles radius of Lubbock. So far, nothing.

NewsChannel 11 contacted Louetta Harrelson's family, but were unable to reach her husband for comment. 

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