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New Alzheimer's Drug

More than four million Americans have Alzheimers, which robs people of their minds. There is no cure for it, but a new drug being tested at the Georgetown Medical Center is showing promise in delaying the early development of Alzheimer's.

The drug is called Flurizan. Unlike current drugs that treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's, the goal with Flurizan is to stop the progression among those who are high risk of Alzheimer's and showing earliest signs.

"The hope is that use of the drug will reduce accumulation in the brain of the molecule called amyloid peptide that is responsible for setting off the events of Alzheimer's disease,"  said Dr. Paul Aisen of Georgetown University Geriatric Specialist.

Patients in the study take pills twice a day. Preliminary studies have been very encouraging, and Dr. Aisen says if Flurizan holds up in larger studies, this drug could be available someday for those who are concerned they might be entering the earliest stage of Alzheimer's.

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