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Botox Helps With Depression

We all know that botox can get rid of wrinkles but the newest theory is that it may also banish the blues. A clinical trial in California is looking at using botox to get rid of facial lines and ease depression on the inside by eliminating a person's frown on the outside.

Sounds way too simple, but true to the theory, the patients in the study say it is hard to feel sad when your face doesn't show it.

"You're basically preventing people from expressing those sad and angry emotions on their face. Somehow, that's feeding back directly to the brain," said Dr. Eric Finzi, a Dermatological Surgeon.

You could argue they're not sad because they've lost their wrinkles but Dr. Finzi says the study involved patients who were diagnosed clinically depressed and two months into the study, almost all of them were no longer clinically depressed. More studies are underway.

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