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Consider This... Proposed Tax Rate

If you followed the news last week you know that the Lubbock City Council voted on what is called a proposed tax rate. That means it's not official yet. But so far it's good news. Council members have started with a lower tax rate, meaning you'll pay less in property taxes if that number sticks.   

That great decision came after the city manager said that taxes must be raised to keep city services going. The majority of the council seems to think we can have both...lower taxes and good city services. I suspect what happened is city council members know that raising taxes will not sit well with the folks that elected them.  

That's how the system works; we elect them to carry out our objectives. Last Thursday's decision is an example of them getting it right...being a government for the people and working hard to lower your property tax burden.  

Consider this: I would ask you to join me in thanking the five city council members that voted to lower the tax rate right out of the gate. Mayor David Miller, Councilman Jim Gilbreath, Councilman Gary Boren, Councilwomen Linda DeLeon, and Councilman John Leonard did the right thing by lowering the tax rate. 

But the work has just begun, now the council will spend the next few weeks crunching the numbers, hearing proposals, and having public hearings before they set the "official" tax rate. And by mid-September, you'll know whether they've forced you and I to pay for their spending or whether the have done their jobs and created less of a burden on the hard working folks of Lubbock.  

You know we'll follow their decision here at NewsChannel 11. And remember, you can let them know what you think in person at a public hearing planned for one week from Thursday.

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