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Recognizing Signs of A Stroke

Every year, six hundred thousand Americans suffer a stroke, that's where the blood supply to the brain is interrupted which can leave brain damage, even death. But there are warning signs even in emails that are circulating the globe. Tonight we want to clear up one of those emails.

First, the good advice includes that you can spot a stroke early by following three steps you can remember by the first three letters of stroke.

  • S is for smile. Ask the person to smile.
  • T means talk. Ask the person to talk to you.
  • R is for raise meaning ask the person to raise both arms.

If the person has trouble doing any of those things, he or she may be having a stroke and needs to see a doctor immediately.

All that is worth remembering. Here's what is not according to the American Stroke Association. The email says you should ask the person to stick out their tongue. If it's crooked, or goes to one side, call 911 right away. That may be true but what's crooked and how far to one side?

So, as a test, medical experts would agree it's not worth the effort to check someone's tongue. Just ask them to smile, talk and raise both arms. Also, neurological signs such as slurred speech, unilateral facial droop, blurred vision, disc ordination, and partial or total paralysis are often indicative of some sort of brain dysfunction and would be recognized as important markers by those in the medical profession.

However, expecting may people to diagnose that something has gone terribly wrong in a loved one on the basis of that checklist would be reaching for too much.

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