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Flash Tape: Does It Work?

If you wear a button down shirt you know what I am talking about when I refer to that gap about midway down.  You know, that opening where people can see inside your shirt.  Sometimes, the best way to close it up is with a safety pin, but if you're not careful though, you can see the pin pierced through the shirt.

That is when the Flash Tape might come in handy.  It is a strong double sided adhesive tape that is housed in a tape dispenser.  It cost us $7, but Does It Work?

Holly Popelka works at J.Hoffmans and will let us "how" and "if" this product works!

"You use it on spots on your shirt where they gap or your bra or say your bra falls off your shoulder," said Holly.  She put the double sided sticky tape inside the gap on my shirt. It was easy to do.  "Wow, it's not moving," she said.

Then I tried it on Holly's button down shirt.   "That stuff is sticky," said Cecelia.  It worked both times.  While we are at this...  "I have this bra strap that falls down," said Cecelia.

This tape is supposed to stick to your skin without coming off.   When Holly put the tape on my shoulder, the strap did not budge.

It is also supposed to keep those plunging neckline dresses in check.  We tried it on one.  Holly put the tape on either side of the shirt, near the cleavage.  "It is not going anywhere," she said.

I was concerned the tape would stick too well to my skin and actually rip it off.   But, it came off with ease.

We really liked Flash Tape.  It was easy to use and not that expensive. It works!

To learn more about or to purchase Flash Tape (click here).

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