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Missing Women's Families Ask For Nationwide Help

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Two Lubbock women disappeared one week ago today, and Wednesday, the Merimon family is expanding its plea for help to include the entire nation. NewsChannel 11 has been following this story since last week. Jennifer Vogel tells the story, starting from the last place Peggy Merimon and Kay Harrelson were seen.  

The Lubbock State School is where both Merimon and Harrelson are employees. The women were last seen there around noon last Wednesday. Witnesses say they were getting into a car with a middle-aged man, leaving their own cars behind.  

Since the disappearance, Peggy Merimon's family tells us they have been tired, exhausted and frustrated. Both families have offered rewards in connection with this case. And as we've seen throughout the last week, they've been out searching themselves.

"Just going home knowing that when I go home, that I'm by myself..."  Peggy Merimon's husband, Gearl, has been worried sick for the last week, doing anything to try and find his wife. "We're constantly looking everyday."

Gearl and his kids took matters into their own hands. They've organized searches, prayed, and looked under every rock for answers.  Their daughter, Natosha Davis, says,"I check her voicemail everyday, nothing so far."

Now, as the days grow to weeks, the families are asking for help nationwide. "They were gone plenty a length of time to get out of the state.  It was almost 8 hours before anything was done, we just don't know."

Police tell us they have notified the northern part of Texas, and entered the women into a national missing persons database, but still, no calls from national media. We have also learned from the family, that the Merimon's did not have the Internet at home, leaving more unanswered questions about how Peggy may have known the stranger she left with for lunch.

Meanwhile, the Lubbock state school is hosting an open prayer for the safe return of Peggy Merimon and Kay Harrelson. It's at the school chapel, starting at eleven o'clock tomorrow morning.

The Merimon family is also asking for volunteers to assist in an unofficial search for the women. The number to call is 791-3314.

Husband Speaks Out About Missing Wife
For the first time, the family of missing woman Kay Harrelson is speaking publicly. Both she and Peggy Merimon disappeared last Wednesday from the Lubbock State School where they were both employees. NewsChannel 11 as been following this story for seven days now, and Jennifer Vogel she has the latest. 

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