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Baby Cooling Reduces Brain Damage

As many as four out of every one-thousand babies are born with some form of brain damage.  Often due to a lack of oxygen during delivery. Because of that, many of them face life-long struggles with Cerebral Palsy or learning disabilities.

But now, researchers at Georgetown University are experimenting with a new technique that may give these babies another chance at a normal life. They're using a new type of cooling blanket within the first six hours of life cold water runs through this blanket to lower the newborn's body temperature to ninety-one degrees Fahrenheit.

That slows the baby's metabolic rate, protecting the brain and stopping a second wave of damage, which is often more harmful than the first.

"Cools the brain because the blood is cool and blood circulates the brain and cools all the brain structures around," said Dr.  Siva Subramanian, a Neonatologist.

After seventy-two hours babies are slowly re warmed. In Europe, studies so far have shown about a twenty-seven percent drop in deaths and disabilities using this technique.

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