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Thursday's Police Chase Suspect Still At Large

Friday, dash cam video is revealing what a 100-mile-per hour pursuit through the streets of Lubbock looks like.  Police are still searching for the driver in Thursday's chase.  It started when officers saw what they thought to be a drug deal, and police came close to catching the suspect.  When the suspect ditched his car, police were right behind him, but he disappeared in only a few seconds.

11:39 a.m. Thursday, after tearing through town at speeds of up to 100-miles-per-hour, police come within feet of their suspect.  He jumps out of the black Mercury Cougar, but it's as close as police ever got.  "This guy was lucky," said Lt. Scott Hudgens with the Lubbock Police Department.

The pursuit began in the 1300 block of 20th Street in east Lubbock.  Officers tried to pull the man over after they saw what looked like a drug deal out of his car window, but the suspect wouldn't stop.  At 11:28 a.m., a cruiser came upon the chase.  The police officer popped a U-turn on Broadway, and quickly made a right on University.  Seconds later, the suspect ran the light at Overton Park, and continued on, cutting traffic off while turning down the 2500 block of Bates.

The suspect ran several stops, and police continued, veering around other cars on the roadway.  It looked at one point like police tried to cut the suspect off near Cavazos Middle School, but the driver sped by.  

Cruisers hit Fourth Street and West Loop 289 around lunch time; that's when supervisors call off the vehicle pursuit.  "It was approaching the lunch hour, so the traffic is going to be heavier there at that time. The pursuit was canceled by a supervisor at the same time the suspect entered into a parking area," said Hudgens.  The suspect ditched his car at the Fairway Villas. Police followed on foot; one officer even took his cruiser up on the side walk, but their suspect disappeared. 

Friday, police were still searching for the driver.  They only have a vague description.  He is a black male, wearing a white shirt at the time of the chase.  He was driving this black, 1996 Mercury Cougar with license plate 292-LGF.  The car was hauled off after the chase. 

If you recognize the car or the man who used to drive it, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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