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Warning When Microwaving In Plastic

Chances are you've heard that microwaving food in plastic containers or plastic wrap could cause dangerous chemicals to leak out of the plastic and into food. But is it really true?

A publication now from Harvard medical school aims to set the record straight.  Harvard experts say that yes, substances used during the manufacturing process of plastics could leak into food. Especially fatty foods like meats and cheeses.

However the FDA closely monitors all plastic food containers to make sure they don't leak unsafe amounts of the chemical. So, as a general rule scientists advise consumers to look for the "microwave safe" label on plastic and even on Styrofoam containers. That stamp means it meets strict government standards.  And you're okay.

However, most take-out containers are not microwave safe.  So, if you bring something home from a restaurant, don't re-heat it in the container you brought it home in. Put it in something you know is microwave safe. Experts also advise against microwaving in plastic storage bags or plastic grocery bags. More info on food safety can be found at www.foodsafety.gov

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