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Cavity Gum

Brushing and flossing is the number one cavity fighting strategy but in the near future we may be able to chew away the germs that cause tooth decay by eating certain foods between meals. 

"There are a number of foods that have this quality that are what we called anti-cariogenic," said Dr. William Vann, a pediatric dentist.

Several studies are underway. Lactobacillus is a so called friendly bacteria found in live yogurt. Scientists in Germany are harnessing that and putting it in chewing gum and so far, they say it dramatically reduced the amount of cavity causing bacteria.

Meanwhile, dental researchers at Stonybrook University are developing candy and other confections infused with Cavistat. That's a compound they say mimics the cavity fighting action of saliva and works better than fluoride in fighting decay! The tooth sweet treats could hit the market within the year. But that doesn't mean we won't have to brush anymore, just that we might have some good options at keeping our teeth clean when a toothbrush isn't handy.

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