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New Details Revealed In Harrelson/Merimon Investigation

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NewsChannel 11 has new information concerning the person of interest questioned in the disappearance of Kay Harrelson and Peggy Merimon.  An anthropologist is now being used in the autopsy of Kay Harrelson, but we're told it could be two to three days until a preliminary autopsy is complete and another 45 to 90 days for a final report that includes toxicology results.

Dental records confirm the body found in a ditch near Shallowater is Harrelson.  She disappeared from the Lubbock State School along with Peggy Merimon on August 9th.  A group of volunteer searchers found the body.  Investigators say it was badly mutilated, most likely by animals.  Meanwhile, Merimon is still missing.  Family members are organizing another search for this weekend. 

Days after the women disappeared, police issued a sketch of the man witnesses say Harrelson and Merimon got into a car with.  A man matching the description was later questioned as a person of interest.  Now, we're learning more about that person.  A Lubbock judge approved two search warrants last week, one for a home and another for a car.  NewsChannel 11 has copies of both.  The man in question is an employee at the Lubbock State School.

In the papers, a witness identified the man from the police sketch, and his statements have inconsistencies when compared to other evidence.  The man in question told police he knew both Merimon and Harrelson from working with them at the school.  In fact, the man says he spoke with both women around 9:30 the morning they disappeared.

He told police he left the state school between 12:30 and 12:45 that afternoon.  He says he was sure of the time and was sick for the rest of the day.  He had already called in sick the day before and then called in sick the day after.  On the day of the disappearance, he says he went home alone.  Surveillance cameras at his home tell a different story.  They show the man arriving at the entrance to his complex at 12:03, around a half hour before he told police he left the school and only eight minutes after a witness says she saw him leaving the school.  The cameras also show a person in the passenger seat when he arrived home.

Police searched the man's home, and a 1991 Pontiac Grand Am, not found at the residence.  They took bedding, clothing, and a computer from the home, and several items from the car.  According to the search warrant, the man told police that Merimon and Harrelson had been to his home within the last two months, but police were not able to verify that.

It is important to note this man is only a person of interest; he is not a suspect in the case, and he does not face any charges at this time.  We'll of course continue to stay on top of developments.   

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