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Contact Lens Infection

Thirty-four million Americans wear contact lenses, no doubt all of them were focused on a report this past spring that warned of a potentially serious eye infection linked to a popular contact solution.

Now, six months later, government researchers have finished their investigation and it turns out proper lens hygiene plays a big role in whether you will or will not pick up an infection like that. 

"This Fusarium Fungus is very common and is in fact everywhere in the environment it's very commonly found in bathrooms and sinks and other water sources," said Dr. Benjamin Park, of the US Center for Disease control and Prevention.

"Infections are rare and they're usually caused by a breakdown in hygienic practice. Of course the number one thing everyone needs to do is wash their hands prior to ever touching the contact lens," said Michael Ward, of the Emory Eye Center.  

Researchers agree it is clear to see that patients need to follow instructions in the care and cleaning of contact lenses. That's the easiest and the best way to protect yourself against an eye infection.

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