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Citibus Riders Voice Concern

Citibus is proposing route changes that could come with a fare increase. August 22nd, several citizens showed up a public hearing to voice their concern.

One woman said, "What you have done is going from making me ride one bus to three buses."

"To me, I think it's better the way they are right now," another man said.

Before the hearing, Lubbock City Councilwoman Linda Deleon rode Citibus and spoke with passengers. She said the bus fares could increase so property taxes don't.

"In my opinion that's raising taxes also. Some of the citizens we talked to would rather see the property tax raised a penny or so and leave the fares alone," said Deleon.

Deleon did vote for the preliminary city rate tax decrease which if stays the same would ultimately play into lower property taxes.

For more on the proposed Citibus changes, click here.

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