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Lubbock State School Staff and Residents Work To Build Memorial

All day Tuesday, the staff and the residents have used their creativity and words to express kindness and sympathy to both families.

They are building a memorial using personal notes and making posters for both families. By Friday, State school representatives believe the tables will be full of messages and art work. They are planning to place each message on a wall for display that they will eventually give to Kay Harrelson and Peggy Merimon's family.

A lot of them are in shock and very saddened by the news of Harrelson's death, but are hopeful for Peggy's safe return.

Many are needing counselors to help them grieve.  "I'm so sorry for the loss and what they're going through. Anything we're going through as co-workers must be 10 times worse for the families. Our thoughts and prayers are with them always," said Janice Robinson, a co-worker of both women. 

They are also wearing a fuchsia colored ribbon on their clothing. They are asking the public to make their own and wear it in support and memory of both women.

Lubbock Police Chief Claude Jones Discusses Harrelson/Merimon Case
The entire investigation into the death of Kay Harrelson and the search for Peggy Merimon is now in the hands of the Lubbock Police Department.  Lubbock Police Chief Claude Jones speaks about the investigation.

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