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Consider This...Annexing "The Strip"

"We've talked a lot about campaign promises in this segment and this week will be no different. I learned from watching our news this week that the Lubbock City Council voted to bring the alcohol hub of the Lubbock area, commonly called "the strip", into the tax paying base with the rest of Lubbock business. That decision could mean half a million dollars in new tax revenue to the city.

Then I remembered that idea sounded familiar. David Miller talked about that during his campaign.  Let me first go on the record, as the mayor has, and say what a great idea.  It's a brand new source of money to the city that doesn't involve a property tax increase. Sure, folks buying booze out there will pay a little more. But that money can be used to benefit every Lubbock citizen if it's used right.

Consider this: As far as I'm concerned, that's money that should go towards two things: public safety and property taxes. Give our fire and police departments the raises they are due and lower property taxes for Lubbock homeowners. Not one penny of that money will matter if it goes towards pet projects that effect few people. Now let me say how refreshing it is to see a politician, Mayor Miller in this case, follow-up on campaign rhetoric.

This is a good idea. We're now putting our money where our mouth is, so to speak. People get elected partly because of what they say in their campaign. It's nice to see our local politicians following up on their promises.

Now last week I promised information about how you can have a say over your tax bill. The public hearing will be this Thursday at Lubbock City Hall. It starts at 7:30 a.m. That's the first chance you'll have to speak out about the proposed tax rate. It hasn't gone up yet, so if you like that, let your city officials know."

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