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Nazi-Like Propaganda Thrown In Neighborhood Lawns

Residents in the Tech Terrace neighborhood and other parts of Lubbock woke up to what they call an unpleasant surprise. Overnight, an anonymous person threw flyers with Nazi-like propaganda in the yards of several homes. NewsChannel 11's Suleika Acosta brings us this story from Tech Terrace.

Dozens of residents woke up Wednesday morning with plastic bags in their front yards. Inside the bags are two flyers rolled up in a rubber band with some rocks. We spoke with one long-time resident of Tech Terrace who says throwing this propaganda in her yard is unacceptable.

Early Wednesday morning when residents woke up to get their newspapers out of the front yards, they found a package they were not expecting.

"My thoughts are that I am very unhappy with this, I feel like we're going back to Nazi Germany time," says Resident Cindy Jobe.

Inside the bags, residents found flyers containing negative messages about Jewish people and racial mixing. Cindy has lived in Tech Terrace for 30 years and says she's never received anything like this.  "They shouldn't do this if they don't know that I'm not promoting them and they should ask before they start throwing things in your yard," she says.

The flyers appear to be a recruitment tool, hoping to gain attention but Councilman Gary Boren says the only attention the flyer should receive, is to be treated as garbage. "I look at this as strictly litter and trash and I would encourage anyone to throw it in a proper trash can and take it for what it's worth and that's trash," he says.

Boren tells us he is disappointed someone would go to great lengths to spread hateful messages in his district. "It's full of hate and we don't need any more of that in Lubbock, Texas," he adds.

Cindy and other Tech Terrace residents tell us they plan to take action by contacting the organization on the flyer. "I believe I will be getting on the phone and calling this telephone number and tell them in the future they'd better not throw anything on my lawn like this,' she says. 

We're told police are investigating the incident. They are treating this as a case of littering.

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