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The Swivel Saucer: Does It Work?

The product is called the Swivel Saucer.  It is supposed to keep items within reach while you are driving.  It is essentially a portable table with a non-skid surface. You can set your lunch, cell phones, just about anything on it really, but Does It Work?

You need a cup holder between the two front seats in order for this product to work. It was easy to assemble, you just use a few screws to adjust the height and the angle. 

As I was getting ready to go to my favorite sandwich shop, I was able to maneuver the gear shift with the table being in the way.  The Swivel Saucer held a cell phone just fine, but when I ordered my lunch, that was a different story. In all fairness, my super large sandwich was too big for the saucer. The weight definitely made for a wobbly situation.

So, I took away half that huge sand which and as I continued to drive, the saucer remained steady.  

As I approached a sharp turn around, I wondered if the gravity of the turn would test the saucer.   The sandwich, itself, fell apart but not the table.  Apparently, the sandwich had the problem. 

I really liked not holding my sandwich in my lap.  The table was very handy for that.  For $20, I'd buy it!  The Swivel Saucer works!

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