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Bittersweet Day For Merimon Family

The Merimon family is searching for answers, and they're taking action to get those answers.  Volunteers spent Wednesday searching for Peggy Merimon in areas all over northwest Lubbock.  Merimon disappeared two weeks ago.  She was last seen getting into a car with Kay Harrelson and an unknown man at the Lubbock State School.

Volunteer searchers, organized by the Merimon family found Harrelson's body in a field near Shallowater Sunday, and Wednesday, they went in search for more clues.  Family members say they won't give up until they find some closure.  They say they're praying for the best, but they'll take what ever hand their dealt, as long as they find Peggy. 

Searchers keep coordinated with color coded maps.  The colors outline different sections of the county, and show who searched what.

"We're working each county road," said Merimon's son Vaughn Appleton.

"Every side road, turn road, that we can possibly get down," added Merimon's son Sven Appleton.  

In the field, searchers continually update each other, as they take ATV's in every direction, slowly searching for clues. While they've not found much, the family is driven.  

"We hope for the best and pray for the best, and just having any kind of closure, good or bad," said Vaughn. 

"I'm still very optimistic and very hopeful there's going to be a good turn out in this.  As crazy as that may sound, I'm still very hopeful; I have a piece inside me that says it's just going to be okay," said Sven. 

As you can imagine, searching for all this time takes a lot of energy and a lot of money.  The family has scheduled a search for this Saturday.  If you would like to volunteer your time, or donate food to feed the searchers, you may call (806) 535-3586. They're looking for snack foods that can be easy to carry.

Monetary donations, to pay for items like gas and other necessities, can be made to People's Bank and Security Bank.  We're told that members of United Response Search and Rescue will assist the family on Saturday.  They are the same group that helped in the search for Joanna Rogers.

Even during all of this, the family does have some good news.  Peggy's daughter, Natosha, gave birth Wednesday to a baby boy, so the family is happy to celebrate that news.

New Details Revealed In Harrelson/Merimon Investigation
Days after the women disappeared, police issued a sketch of the man witnesses say Harrelson and Merimon got into a car with. A man matching the description was later questioned as a person of interest.


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