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Two Painful Weeks Have Gone By For Two Lubbock Families

Today is the two week mark of the disappearance. So, tonight, NewsChannel 11 is taking you through the series of events from day one. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel begins the story from the Lubbock State School where the women were last seen. 

It all began at the school two weeks ago when Kay Harrelson and Peggy Merimon were leaving for lunch around noon. It was about eight hours later when Merimon's family showed up at the school worried about their mother.

"Two ladies went missing from the Lubbock State School." August 10th,  Newschannel 11 reports police are now looking for two Lubbock women, missing for more than twenty-four hours. Just hours later, Peggy Merimon's family speaks out for the first time. "She didn't pick up my dad yesterday from work, something she had to do daily. We became very concerned because she didn't show up."

The next day, the family speaks out again.  Sean Appleton, Merimon's son says, "at this time the family, all of us, are offering a $25,000 reward for the whereabouts of Peggy Merimon and the arrest and conviction of any person involved."  The same day, a police sketch gives us the first look at a man they call a person of interest.

August 14th, the Merimon's begin their first search for clues.  Peggy's husband Gearl says, "I'm not sure this is where anything is. We're just speculating and hoping we find something."

Nearly a week after the ladies go missing, the husband of Kay Harrelson speaks publicly for the first time. Danny Harrelson said, "Chris and I are in uncharted waters and we feel lost and helpless. We continue to do everything the police asks us to do, and we do everything we know to do. Our family is of limited means, but we do want to offer a $25,000 reward for the safe return of Kay, and the conviction of the person or persons involved in her disappearance."

August 17th, police interview a person of interest, and collect DNA. Four days later, Sunday August 20th, volunteer searchers find a body. The next day, dental records confirm the body is Kay Harrelson.

Tonight, we're still waiting on a preliminary autopsy report to determine a cause of death and we're also waiting on the DNA results taken from the person of interest's car. We spoke with the Merimon family tonight and they say since the body was found, they've started to receive some national attention. And police say that has help generate a number of leads.

A side note, while this is a difficult time for the Merimon family, they do have some good news, Peggy's daughter Natosha gave birth to a healthy baby boy this afternoon.

Bittersweet Day For Merimon Family
While family members of Peggy Merimon have no new news in the search for their missing mother, Wednesday they did have reason to celebrate.  NewsChannel 11's Ben Lawson explains.

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