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Breast Implants

If you've noticed that more women today seem to be getting breast implants, you're right.

In the last 9 years, the incidence of that procedure worldwide has climbed by 460 percent. Part of the reason women today are feeling more comfortable about augmentation or implants is more studies are drawing this same reassuring conclusion.

"Implants don't seem to cause breast cancer, even silicone implants or implants that leak don't seem to increase a woman's chance of developing breast cancer," said Dr. Brill  

Dr. Brill is a co-author of a study on implants and women with cancer. She says women in general are often afraid that an implant would make it difficult to find a lump. However, she says that's not necessarily true because most implants today are placed behind the chest muscle pushing out the breast tissue.

"I feel like my implants helped me to find the cancer. My implants were under my muscle, so it pushed all my breast tissue forward, and I truly think I would not have found it as quickly if I didn't have the implants pushing everything forward," said Jeanne Smith, a breast cancer patient.

That wouldn't be a reason for implants, but Dr. Brill's study did find that two thirds of the women with implants said they actually discovered their own breast cancer lumps by self exam before going in for a mammogram. That's not to suggest the implant caused the cancer only that it shouldn't hide it if it happens.

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