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Kathy Rogers Joins Merimon Search as Joanna Landfill Dig Begins

She can't help investigators search for her daughter, so Saturday Kathy Rogers joined the search for Peggy Merimon.  Rogers assisted in search efforts Saturday morning.  She met the Merimon family for the first time Friday night.  The United Response Search and Rescue Team is the same group that helped in the original search for Kathy's daughter, Joanna.  Rogers says this is one way she can help and deal with the pain of the landfill search for Joanna.

Rogers says, "They have told me when the time is right, that they will escort me to the landfill sight, and let me be sure that I know what's going on.  There's no particular need for me to be sitting on a cliff watching them.  That's just too depressing."

Saturday, contractors started moving dirt at the city landfill in the new search for Joanna.  The first phase is expected to last a few days.  The next phase could last up to three weeks.  Investigators will then dig through more than two years of trash, looking for any sign of Joanna. 

Joanna has been missing since May 2004.  Back in June, Rosendo Rodriguez confessed to strangling the teen, putting her body in a suitcase and throwing it in a dumpster.  He's the same man charged with capital murder in the death of Summer Baldwin.  Her body was found inside a suitcase at the city landfill last September.

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