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Volunteer Searchers Find Items of Interest

Organizers say they've identified several items of interest from Saturday's search for Peggy Merimon, but right now nothing is concrete.  No one has seen or heard from Merimon since August 9th.  That's when a witness says she saw Merimon and co-worker, Kay Harrelson leave the Lubbock State School with an unidentified man.

Volunteer searchers found Harrelson's body this past Sunday.  Early Saturday morning, search teams gathered at Buddy Holly Park to begin another search, but Saturday's effort differed from last weekend's operation.  "We've got a lot of support out here, and it's going to be a blessing," said Peggy Merimon's son Sven Appleton. 

Volunteers were up with the sun Saturday, ready to begin a day long search for Peggy.  "It's going to be pretty extensive," said Appleton.  Members of the Merimon family organized the first operation, but Saturday, members of United Response Search and Rescue Team took the reigns.  "They've definitely done this thing before," said Appleton.

Laura Hopkins and Sara Stennett were just two, of the more than 100 volunteers.  They hadn't met the Merimon's until Peggy went missing, still they were more than willing to volunteer their time.  "We just thought it was the thing to do," said Stennett.  "If it was my family member missing, I would want the community to come out and do that too," said Hopkins.

Hopkins is no stranger to the search effort.  "I've been on the searches for Joanna Rogers and some of the other girls that went missing," said Hopkins.  So she came ready to go.  "Yes, I learned this from the last time, bring sticks, wear long sleeves, wear boots if you have them," said Hopkins. 

The Merimon family holds out hope that the series of searches will lead them to their mother.  "I'm sure that the uncertainty is very tolling and grueling on them," said Hopkins.  "We're just believing that we're going to find evidence that is going to help lead us somewhere," said Appleton.

While they haven't found that key piece of evidence yet, Appleton tells us they're not going to give up.  Volunteers are being called on again Sunday.  If you can help, meet at Buddy Holly Park at 8:00 a.m. 

Monetary donations can be made at any branch of People's Bank or Security Bank.  The family says you can also pray for them, their mother, and the search effort.  

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