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Wolfforth Election To Sell Beer & Wine Is Set For November

What happens if Wolfforth does allow packaged sales of beer and wine in their city limits? Does that mean beer and wine will be sold closer to your home?

After measuring the distance between Wolfforth city limits and the location of the Strip on 98th Street and the Tahoka Highway, the closest halfway point we could come up with is 98th Street and Slide Rd. 

If you live west of Slide Road, more than likely Wolfforth would be the closest place for you to buy your beer and wine. If you live east of Slide, the Strip is going to be the closest for you.

East of Slide still encompasses a rather large area of the city.  But keep in mind, a lot of the city's growth is happening in Southwest Lubbock.

Responsible Citizens for Economic Development Chairman Steve Komarek says because of the election, he believes Wolfforth will be an attractive place for more commercial growth. He also says the city would be interested to see United Supermarkets build a store, possibly Costco, and Alberstsons.

"We've got to take some of the pressure off the residential property tax. That's where we get most of our revenues to operate our city," said Komarek. 

Wolfforth still has plenty of open land for development.  In fact, the area West of Alcove Street, South of 66th Street and going North to 1585 is designated for Wolfforth growth.

The special election is slated for November 7th.  It's the same election where we vote for a Texas Governor.

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