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Lubbock County and Hospital District Propose Tax Increases

The cost of living in Lubbock is going up and Lubbock County says it needs to give its employees raises. That's just one reason county taxes could be going up.

"What Lubbock County has ended up doing for a number of years, is we sat in here touting about having the lowest tax rate in the state which was good on one hand but we were not keeping up with inflation. We weren't keeping up with growth of Lubbock County," says County Commissioner Patti Jones.

Commissioners say they also need more money for new positions, rising fuel costs and court activity. The county is proposing a 2.4 cent tax increase raising the rate to .285 caring for the 

Indigent care is straining the Lubbock County Hospital District. The board that oversees University Medical Center says that is the main reason more money is needed to operate the hospital.

"Health insurance is very expensive for employers to provide. A number of local employers have decided to drop insurance for employees. That has dropped people in the indigent roles," says UMC Vice President Greg Bruce. 

The hospital district is requesting an 8%  tax increase. If you own an $89,000 house, Bruce says, your hospital district taxes would increase on average about $8.79 more for the year.

These rates are not final. You have two chances to voice your opinion. Public hearings will be held at the Lubbock County Commissioners Court September 5th and 8th, starting at 10:00 a.m. 

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