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2 Killed By Possible Drunk Driver With 3 DWI's On Record

Lubbock Sheriffs Dept. Lubbock Sheriffs Dept.

NewsChannel 11 has learned a Lubbock man with a history of drinking and driving was behind the wheel when a young Lubbock couple was killed. Now police suspect he was drinking again when he allegedly ran a red light and hit another car at 19th and Indiana just after 12:30 Monday morning.

The driver of that other car, Jackie Little was killed along with her boyfriend, Bryan Perry.

It was when Gabriel Gonzales allegedly ran a red light near Texas Tech, killing Jackie Little and Bryan Perry, just hours before Perry was set to start a new job. 

Perry's grandmother says she is just trying to be strong for their family. "Little did I know that when I saw him standing at the door, that he was going to be gone and never come home... I don't know that I'll ever get over it. I wish He'd taken me," said Wendy Stewart, Bryan Perry's grandmother, who never thought she'd outlive her 22-year-old grandson. 

Around 12:30 Monday morning, Bryan and his girlfriend of 7 years, Jackie Little, were out running an errand for a friend, and when they got to the intersection at 19th and Indiana, they were struck by a suspected drunk driver. The impact killed Jackie instantly, three weeks before her 22nd-birthday. Brian died later at UMC. 

Gonzales was injured in the crash but has already been treated and released from the hospital. Police are still waiting for his blood alcohol tests to come in, but NewsChannel 11 checked his record. Gonzales has already been convicted of three DWI's, dating back to 1995. The first two were in Hockley county and the third in Lubbock county. He served five years in prison for his third DWI and was released from prison in June 2005.

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