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City of Lubbock Still Waiting For Katrina Efforts Reimbursements

Just days after Hurricane Katrina hit, Lubbock answered by housing more than 400 survivors. And right now, the city is still waiting on reimbursements from the government.  NewsChannel 11's Suleika Acosta spent the day tracking those numbers down and brings us with the latest.

The City of Lubbock spent more than $1.5 million on relief efforts. FEMA has reimbursed the majority of those costs, up to $1.1  million. But the city is still waiting on $400,000. And we've learned not all of it will be paid back. Transportation costs the city provided to survivors may not be covered.

On September 4th, 2005, you'll recall 408 survivors arrived in Lubbock by plane. Most got off the plane with only a garbage bag or backpack holding all they had left. 21 Citibuses were used to take them to shelters at the Reese Technology Center. There they had warm food, health care, and a roof over their heads. The American Red Cross and Salvation Army provided volunteers and efforts during the evacuation.

"I think it was life changing for not only the evacuees, but the people in Lubbock, those who supported us with thoughts, prayers, financially and those who supported with their time who came out to Reese and volunteered," says Red Cross Chairman Greg Bruce.

3,500 Lubbock volunteers helped with relief efforts. Reese Center in Lubbock was one of 470 shelters for hurricane evacuees in fourteen states. The shelter closed on September 14th only to reopen days later to house Hurricane Rita evacuees. 120 Hurricane Katrina survivors are still living in Lubbock. Several are living in public housing while others are not receiving government assistance.

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