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Spur Man Mauled To Death by Dog

The Lubbock County Medical Examiner is completing the autopsy of a man brutally mauled to death in Spur.  Dickens County Sheriff Ken Brendle tells us two pit bulls apparently attacked 49-year-old Frank Campbell Baber early Monday morning.

Baber lived in a motor home inside Blackburn's Auto-Salvage in Spur.  The owner discovered Baber's body around 9:20 a.m. and called police.  Right now, investigators do not know what prompted the attack.  We're told the victim has lived around the animals for about the past three months.  He does not own the dogs, but shares the salvage yard with them.

Sheriff Brendle tells us the attack apparently started inside a building next to Baber's motor home.  Brendle says there are signs Baber tried to fight back.  There is about a 20-foot trail of torn up ground and blood spatter leading outside.  When Brendle arrived on scene, Baber was lying on his back on the ground.  He says the condition of the body leads him to believe the attack happened within three hours of the call to police.

Neighbors living just across the street from the salvage yard tell us Baber was a quiet guy.  They say he would wave to them, but he mostly kept to himself.  Those neighbors say they've never seen the animals act vicious, but Sheriff Brendle tells us he was told on scene Monday that the dogs had bitten someone on Sunday.

The animals, both adult females, were put down.  We spoke with the owner of Blackburn's Auto-Salvage Tuesday, but they did not wish to make a comment at this time.

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