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Consider This...Moving the TTU/A&M Game

This is my favorite time of the year in Lubbock: Texas Tech football season.  This Saturday,  the Red Raiders will add another year to the tradition that started back in 1925.  In those 81 seasons, the Red Raiders have created one of the biggest rivalries in the Big 12: Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M. 

If you haven't heard, there are discussions of moving that premiere game to a neutral site like Dallas.  A move, I'm told, could mean $4 million a year for the athletic department.  The idea  has strong opposition from fans, alumni and local businesses.  

Like me, those folks against the move know how important that game is to Lubbock.  Taking the A&M game away would be a slap in the face to the thousands of alumni, fans, and local businesses that support Tech every year.  

So consider this: Why not take a page from Bob Knight and move a premiere non-conference game to Dallas or find another opponent that would be a big draw to the metroplex like TCU which just sold out their stadium in Fort Worth for an upcoming Tech game?

My guess is Tech officials will do whatever they want to do, regardless of how 99.9 percent of the folks who buy the tickets feel.  I, for one, hope Athletic Director Gerald Myers will be remembered for hiring great coaches like Bob Knight, Mike Leach, and Christy Curry and not for taking the biggest game of the year and shipping it to Dallas.  

Make no mistake, once Mr. Myers decides, all that's left is to run it by the regents, and most of them don't even live here.  I'm with the majority....keep the game here.  Lubbock and Tech go hand in hand.  This year, Coach Mike Leach and the Red Raiders are poised to have the best season ever.  Surely we can find away to make money with that kind of success without taking the big game away from Lubbock.

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