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HealthWise at 5 From 8.30

  • Cyberchondriac Nation

Googling for health information has given rise to a new term...cyberchondriacs. A Harris Interactive poll says cyberchondriacs are people who search for health information on line in the past year, the number of cyber searchers looking for medical information jumped to 136 million and from there more than half of those took the information they found to their doctor to ask if their self diagnosis was correct.

  • Backpacking

Lugging books to school in a fat backpack is par for the course. But some back specialists say bigger is definitely not better when it comes to the size of those back packs. The north American spine society says parents need to help their kids find a backpack that's in proportion to their size not to how much it can carry. According to the doctors, overloading is the number one improper use of backpacks which can be a source of back pain later.

  • Sperm Trap

A new study expected to start later this year may give some men a chance to pioneer a new male contraceptive method. Shepherd medical company is preparing for the first U-S trial of their intra vas device or IVD for short. Soft silicone plugs are placed in the Vas Deferens which is the tube that carries sperm. The reversible system uses two plugs. One as an initial block, the other to stop any sperm that get past the first block. More information on the trial is provided at

  • Colon Meeting

If you have an interest in wiping out cancer in your family and community, there is a workshop Thursday at the Lubbock Health Department from nine to four o'clock in the afternoon. The workshop is funded by the Texas cancer council to help communities adopt activities to control cancer in their area. If you're strapped for time, you might at least attend the morning workshop. But the whole thing is free to attend and, I understand, really informative.

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