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Spray On Virus

Scientists believe there are viruses in the Chesapeake Bay that, when isolated from the water and sprayed on food, those viruses can kill bacteria, making that food safer to eat. Apparently, the evidence of that is strong enough that the FDA has just approved the first ever virus than you can spray on your food to kill bacteria.

But, the company behind this new technology says it knows it's going to have to change some attitudes to get us, the consumer, to buy a virus for dinner. One major food manufacturer has already bought the technology. The name of that company is under wraps for now but lunch meats and other ready-to-eat meat sprayed with the viruses should hit store shelves within six months.

What we're doing is just trying to use nature's products to get rid of a pathogen that could be dangerous to human beings," said John Vazzana the CEO of Intralytix.

"Until there's an epidemic, that people in large numbers are getting more sick from food than they historically always have, this is really going overboard, I think," said Patrick Gavin a consumer.

Remember the FDA believes this is a good virus that is supposed to kill the bad bugs on your food. But if the idea bugs you there is a way you can tell if a virus was sprayed on your food. Read the label. If it says, "bacteriophage preparation" that means virus on board. But it is a bacteria-eating virus.

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