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Nicotine Increase

Cigarettes contain sixteen and a half percent more nicotine today than they did just five years ago.

That's according to a new report released by the Massachusetts Department of Health. It says although tobacco companies seem more conscientious today warning users about the danger; they are making tobacco products in such a way that users are easily hooked and it's harder to quit. 

"There is more nicotine content in each cigarette that is in the tobacco and more specifically there's more nicotine per gram of tobacco in the cigarette and therefore people find it easier to become addicted and find it easier to satisfy their addiction with a product," said Dr. David Burns, of UCDS Tobacco Control Policy Project.

The study also found the three most popular brands with young smokers are Marlboro, Newport, and Camel which contain higher amounts of nicotine than ever before. The nicotine in Kool and other menthol brands used by two thirds of black smokers jumped by twenty percent.

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