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C-Section Deaths

The number of pregnant women choosing to have a cesarean section is up forty one percent in the past decade that's according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Researchers there have been following nearly six million birth records with particular interest and concern in the number of women who had a C-section for no particular medical reason.

"Moms should know the downside. Even though it may seems initially an easier way to have a baby, the potential long term sequel (conditions) should be thought about beforehand," said Dr. David Downing of the Washington Hospital Center OB-GYN.

The CDC found twice as many of those babies died in the first month compared to vaginal birth even when other complications are excluded. Why? Experts say coming through the birth canal, excess fluid is squeezed from the baby's lungs making them healthier. There's less risk of damage from surgery and moms can breast feed sooner.

So why do some women choose C-sections? Critics note that since birth records often don't accurately reflect whether a cesarean was medically necessary this study could be comparing apples to oranges. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says there's no right answer that the decision should be left up to patients and their doctors.

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