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Consider This...Raising the Tax Rate

Get a pen and paper ready because in a few seconds I'm going to give you a phone number you'll want to have. But first, let me set the stage. In a surprising move last week, Lubbock city council members voted unanimously to raise taxes. If that vote becomes final next Wednesday, your property taxes are going up by about $12 a year. That would mean about $1.5 million additional revenue to the city. 

Also last week, I heard that 90% of the folks that spoke at the public hearing wanted higher taxes. That's right; they wanted city council to raise taxes. Only a few folks showed up against higher taxes. Well, that's because the proposed tax rate was lower at the time. It wasn't until after all public comments were made did they decide to raise the tax convenient.

I'm hear to tell you lower taxes is what most people want. I've received numerous phone calls, e-mails and viewer comments from hard working folks that overwhelmingly do *not* want taxes to go up. Instead they think government should live on the money they are already collecting, and I agree.

Government by and large has a spending problem. And unless we demand different, they'll keep spending more and more. Oh, I'll be told by all the politicians that I don't have all the facts and we need to raise taxes to quote "take care of Lubbock." That all sounds great but we're forgetting one thing...those politicians are elected to represent the interest of the people. And the majority of people in Lubbock don't want a tax increase. They want less spending, lower taxes, and smaller government...not bigger.

I'd also like to see truth in taxation used to get us lower taxes, not used as an excuse to raise them. So consider this...if you agree with the majority of people that I have heard from, let your elected officials know. If you think government should use the additional money they're already getting to keep your taxes from rising. Call City Hall at 775-3001 then press 7 to get the mayor's office.  

It's time our elected officials heard from the people who elected them, not the organized minority who showed up last week for higher taxes. Give me a break!

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