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Pomegranates & Your Health

It's being touted as the hottest new "good for you" product suddenly, there are now more than 150 pomegranate-flavored foods and drinks on the market.  T

he anti-oxidants are plentiful in pomegranate. For example, an eight ounce glass of pomegranate juice is low in calories with five times the anti-oxidants of green tea and now, a UCLA study of prostate cancer patients has found that drinking pomegranate juice may slow the recurrence of the disease in people who have had surgery or radiation.

"We put these fifty men on eight ounces of juice a day and found the progression of cancer was slowed down by the juice," said Dr. Allan Pantuck of UCLA.

Doctors don't know exactly how the juice works and said that more research is needed but so far the results are promising.

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