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Flu Vaccinations In Stock

The country should be well-stocked with flu shots for this upcoming season.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says most doctor's offices and clinics across the country will receive more than 100 million doses over the next several months. That's a record, beating the ninety-five million doses made back in 2002.

But even though there should be plenty of shots to go around don't put it off. The best time to get that flu protection is as soon as you can since it takes a while to build immunity to the flu after you get the shot.

"It takes about two weeks for the immune system to build up the antibodies to the virus and we just want people to be prepared particularly those that are more likely to have complications if they were to get the flu. We plan on seeing a lot more flu symptoms, patients with those symptoms starting in late September/October," said Dr. David Long of the LakeRidge Primary Health Center.

Physician officials at the Lubbock Health Department tell us they have ordered 3,000 doses and are waiting for that first supply to arrive soon. We'll let you know when the city decides to have its first flu shot clinic.

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