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Cellulite Laser

Listen to the latest way the stars are pampering or rather perfecting themselves.

It's called the triactive. A new laser machine approved by the FDA to remove cellulite, that unattractive dimpling of fat that can collect on the thighs. Just like the name triactive suggests, it works in three stages, cooling the area, targeting it with the laser, then massaging it.

"Well the massaging helps with the lymphatic drainage so you're actually pushing it away. The cooling helps with the fluid retention and the laser helps with stimulation of blood vessels and the collagen and the fibers under your skin which helps with the tightening of the skin," said Dr. Michael Coppa, a laser removal specialist.

 But it's not realistic treatment for most people because it takes two sessions a week for eight weeks that's sixteen sessions at about two thousand a session and this may be another turn-off, the triactive treatment is recommended for folks who exercise regularly and have already achieved their ideal weight.

In other words this is the final step toward gaining that perfect body, when money is no object.

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