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The Original Space Bag: Does it Work?

The Original Space bag shrinks bulky bedding and clothing. By using your household vacuum cleaner it's sucks the air out of the bags giving you more storage space, but Does it Work?

The Original space bag comes in two convenient sizes; a large and a jumbo. I decided it would be best to put my pillows, blankets, and goose down comforter inside the jumbo sized bag, giving that this all stood just right above me knee that's a lot of bulky bedding. After stuffing the bag, I zip locked that bag. Doing this process was very similar to using zip lock sandwich bags.

Next it was time to see if the Original Space Bag worked. I turned on the vacuum cleaner and began sucking the life right out of the bag and it seemed to be working just fine. Watch as the bag shrinks in size. To give you a better idea how small the bag got, the bag now stood level to my ankle.

Here's the catch, I stuffed the bag underneath my bed and wondered if the bag was fragile. Because I ripped a hole in the bag, but I was not done yet testing, so I moved my test over to the smaller bag to see how long the bag held the vacuum seal. Not even two days go by and the bag looked about as fluffy as a pillow.

My test proved to me this product does not work. Here's another thought to contemplate, a man e-mailed me this letter. He says, " help keep the bag in it's condensed size, you have to leave five inches from the edge of the zip lock to allow for a better seal. He says he loves his space bag.

But no where on the directions does it say to do that, so I feel comfortable saying this product did not work for me or the directions were misleading.

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